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Succession Planning is needed for key positions

Market is saturated or becoming commoditized

Profit is only steady or has been in decline

Growth is lagging (revenue or market)

Customer loyalty is only steady or has been in decline

Leadership or management are ineffective

Disciplinary or conduct issues are damaging team effectiveness

Employees are disgruntled or disloyal

Employees are underperforming or misplaced

Organizational culture is unhealthy

Sustainability Initiatives must become profit centers

Innovation is stagnant or unprofitable

Processes are inefficient, wasting financial or temporal resources

Orders are late / Poor on-time delivery

Rework or scrap rates are uncomfortably high

  • •  Organizational Diagnostics
    We utilize powerful diagnostic and prescriptive tools to pinpoint the true (not necessarily perceived) strengths and challenges within your organization.
  • •  Individual Profile Assessments
    We provide a powerful suite of individual assessments to help you better understand current and prospective employees: their values, motivators, skills and strengths, ideal work environments, decision-making styles, communication styles, suitability for a team, and more.
  • •  Strategic Execution Development
    We guide you in defining strategy in a way that ensures desired results are achieved. We strive for profitable innovation in ways that continually propel you forward and keep you relevant.
  • •  Leadership and Organizational Alignment
    We help Executives, Managers, and Supervisors develop new thought-habits, apply them directly to their jobs, realign structure (if needed), and ensure effective accountability relationships are in place. These details promote self-sustaining change.
  • •  Human Capital Management
    Results make all the difference! We help ensure continuous value to and from your people by replacing ineffective Performance Management processes with our Results Management/HCM. As in everything, we simply assist your people in making necessary changes - we have nothing to sell. We can also assist in establishing strategic HR metrics to show return on HR investment at all levels.

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