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Clent Testimonials

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Following are selected comments from organizations and individuals who have benefitted from our service and the development and processes improvement methodologies we implement.

The following are some positive impacts from our Strategic Planning with Strategic Alignment Group that provide realized value to our company:

  1.     Every employee understands our core values and expectations for working with each other and our customers. They have improved their personal conduct as well as improved interpersonal conduct with others.
  2.     Every employee understands our goals and plans thru the current economic downturn and feel secure in staying on board with our company.
  3.     Supervisors planning and communication with each other is better and each phase of our projects are done accurately and on time.
  4.     We do not have supervisors finger pointing and blaming others for their mistakes and oversights.
  5.     We have improved accountability for work output and timeliness and subsequently have increased productivity and the amount of work we can turn out.
  6.     Our marketing efforts stress our company Vision and Core Values. We now have several new customers and some of them are becoming repeat customers.
  7.     Our managers are more receptive to changes in technology and processes to make us more competitive. We are currently exploring business opportunities other than coal preparation and material handling.
 ~ Charlie Miller, President (Industrial Resources, Inc.)

Our organization experienced a major change in management style with the change in ownership. J.B. Bryant facilitated the creation of a new vision, values and mission which exemplifies the new organization.  His expertise in management development also played a significant role in making the adjustment and emerging a better managed company. J.B. exhibited the highest level of honesty and integrity.

Since our strategic planning sessions with Strategic Alignment Group, our organization has a more focused direction with everyone on the same page.  The Management Development sessions have been very beneficial providing our management the tools for better planning and execution of projects.  Written Vision, Values, and Mission statements help define how we do business on a daily basis.
~ Wayne H. Stanley, CEO (Victory of West Virginia)

I want to thank you for your help and guidance before, during and after the exercise we performed in order to determine exactly what kind of business Rawhide Fire Hose "needs" to be. You were very thorough in learning about our origin and progress since inception in 1976. Since my ownership in 2001 we have managed to grow significantly until the past few years where we have peaked and even flattened out, in terms of sales.

The intense two days that we spent, offsite, along with your in depth research has yielded a sound direction to move our company forward. You helped us identify our strengths and weaknesses to ultimately work them in our favor to gain market share…ultimately sales.

Determining a direction, as you know, is integral to the development of a new web presence. This was delicate, but was made crystal clear by virtue of our exercise. I intend to work thru it again with you in a couple years to ensure Rawhide Fire Hose is the company customers want rather than the culture of a company that I/We want. Your attention to detail, professionalism, demeanor and "calming" presence is the ideal combination. I look forward to periodic progress reports that look to be supportive of our findings.

I am not very eloquent so let me just say that it was not so much you telling me the answers, rather you created the atmosphere and helped navigate me to the answers. I appreciate that. I would be happy to recommend your services to anyone. Please feel free to use me and Rawhide Fire Hose as a reference.
~ Keith Eriksen, President (Rawhide Fire Hose)

I would highly recommend JB at Strategic Alignment Group to anyone. He provides much more than information out of manuals. What I have learned has not just affected my relationships with my work colleagues, but also my relationships at home and with friends/acquaintances. I have a high level of respect for a man who also values family and isn't solely focused on my responsibilities at work. One thing I have learned is how to be the same person at work that I am at home. The things I have taken away from this time with him are priceless and I am very grateful.
~ Marvin Jackson, Warehouse Manager (Brown's Furniture)

JB is a great facilitator. His knowledge of Strategic Planning as well as his creative approach challenges everyone to really consider the critical elements and key drivers of a business. I would recommend JB for business facilitation, leadership development and coaching to any company that not only wants to improve but to truly excel.
~ William Goellner, CFO/COO (Marsh, Berry & Company, Inc.)

I highly recommend JB Bryant and the Strategic Alignment Group. JB has been instrumental in helping our management staff recognize and maximize the use of their strengths to become better leaders. I am impressed by his passion and commitment to creating sustainable improvements for our firm.
~ Jim Jelinek, President (Moog Flo-Tork)

I have had leadership training through a local college. Their classes were textbook driven with generic cookie cutter solutions.

What I received from JB was a personal hands on approach designed around my skills and experience. Goal setting is the most important tool I took from this development. I learned, and am still learning, that my goals dictate my actions, which clarifies how I need to lead my team. This goal setting also helped me to plan my days more efficiently, also helping to maximize my time management skills.

We worked on issues that I haven't touched on with other training programs. Goal setting and core values, time management and scheduling, and understanding myself in a better way all lead to an improvement in my leadership abilities. Talking through my concerns helped clarify my personal issues as far as my leadership style.

JB is an effective coach. He kept me focused on the important issues while making sure our time together was spent in support of learning the subject matter. Time spent on self evaluation and core values had a big effect on how well the rest of the development went.

I am actually using the skills I learned from JB today, while the classes I took through the college gave me some insight and a few too many forms, but not things I could use on a daily basis.

I think with JB's personality he can work with almost any group with a desire to improve. JB is great at making sure development has value and connects to the issues surrounding the need. He is personal enough to be involved with his "students", but yet can keep a distance when he needs to.

I would recommend JB to anyone I meet that is looking to learn and improve their management team.
~ Frank Cerny, Manager of Manufacturing Operations (Moog Flo-Tork)

I can feel a 'jump start' in my career goals.This provided me a rejuvenated spirit to go forth and implement the goals of personal growth. The greatest value I received personally was reestablishment of goal setting and action planning that slipped out of my daily routines somewhere in the past years.

I'm pleased with the outcome, and the program we have in place to move forward. In my opinion, our company is better situated to engage the challenges in our future, whatever they are, from having gone through this process of leadership training by JB Bryant.

I definitely would recommend Strategic Alignment Group. I'd recommend [JB] as a facilitator to any group of industry professionals, at any level.  He is a good communicator and facilitator. JB’s style was educated, articulate, flexible-adapted to what our group personalities needed for them to work through the process of strategic planning to a common goal!
~ Boyd Rankin, P.E., Manager of Engineers (Industrial Resources, Inc.)

JB does a great job of blending strategic thinking with human empathy. Logical processes mixed with deep understanding of human dynamic are rare in most people. JB fuses these skill-sets together through natural gifts and hard work in honing them constantly.

JB is a deep thinker who is able to see many sides of an issue at once. He can see the good, bad, and the ugly with clarity. He is excellent at the socratic method of understanding an issue. His understanding of the human dynamic helps in this as well as he attempts to know where people are coming from in their thinking and feelings. He is an asset to any problem solving that needs completed.
~ Chris McKelley, President (President at 3 Circles Solutions) and former General Manager (Ohio Gratings)

Three-Months After Team Leadership Development:

Since we last met I am still working on goals, I still write down and review my short term and long term goals on almost a daily basis, and I have been using some of the tips, tricks, and techniques you taught me.
~ Justin Leithauser, Engineer (Industrial Resources, Inc.)
The process has made us work together to solve some immediate issues and given us the insight to prepare to solve longer term issues/goals.
~ Mark A. Carvillano, Safety and HR Manager (Industrial Resources, Inc.)
This program will help the company in disarray become much better, and help fine tune the ones that are good but could be better.
~ Mike Smith, Purchasing Manager (Moog Flo-Tork)

I have become a believer in personal coaching after using JB as my own. Being a natural born skeptic I was hesitant to commit, but after the first session I saw the overwhelming value of JB's skills. I highly recommend at least speaking to JB, to anyone that wants to take any aspect of their career to the "next level". Within a few moments you will realize the worth of his abilities.

One thing I saw as an asset was JB's ability to come up with so many strategies in my profession, which he himself does not have a background in. That fact in itself shows me that JB can easily adapt to ANY profession without having an extensive background in it, providing you with invaluable tools to better yourself (both personally and professionally).

Thank you for all your help JB and I look forward to working with you in the future.
~ Charlie Badida, Branch Manager (Jacob Dean Mortgage)

JB Bryant did a spectacular job mentoring the individual I sent to him for leadership coaching.

I witnessed this person's business vision change from broad and unfocused to one of specific value and purpose. His was a journey of discovery where he realized, with JB's guidance, what he wanted to do and who he wanted to be as a leader.

In regard to his journey, this person stated, "He asked me what I wanted for and from my life. When I answered he allowed me to work toward that goal, always knowing that I was walking toward something but not what I thought. He allowed me to discover things on my own path when I had come to a fork in the road. He stood behind me with suggestions and ideas until I was able to see down the path I meant to venture."

This statement is a powerful testament to JB's consulting and coaching skills, and I will continue to refer individuals to him for services.
~ Julie Hartzler, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission)

In 2011 I was promoted to Director of Business Consulting Sales for my company. Without any formal senior managment training, my compnay decided to hire a Director-Level Coach for me. I was very open to this opportunity and wanted to the make the most of it.

My company hired JB Bryant in January 2012, which started our journey together. The journey lasted for for several months with very positive results. It was a lot of hard work but I was committed and JB made it less stressful. JB brings a certain confidence and open mind during coaching sessions and has a way of always steering you in the right direction. The results were so successful we decided to continue our engagement with accountablity coaching over the next 12-18 months.

In addition, I decided to hire JB as a facilitator for a Sales Team Building Workshop. We were able to accomplish a great deal during our 6 hour session. This session really created team alignment and clarity of process accountability.

I would highly recommend JB for both senior managment coaching and team building workshop facilitation.
~ Mike Kaminski, Director of Business Consulting Sales (MAGNET - Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network)

I was impressed with JB's passion for helping us through a delicate situation.

He facilitated several difficult conversations between key managers in a very insightful manner. His guidance allowed us all to see not only our own strengths, but to see and appreciate each others strengths, and how together we make a great team.

Thank You, JB.
~ Bob Pabst, CEO/Owner (Kalman and Pabst Photo Group - commercial photography)

JB was able to hit the ground running. He was able to display integrative abilities, project management skills, and quickly formed solid relationships with a wide range of people from various departments - in order to complete a large project in a very defined period of time.

JB showed complete dedication to this project and the quality of output. My experience with JB has shown that he has built his approach and business on a solid foundation of Integrity!

There will be a second phase to this project and I plan to use JB for that phase as well.
~ Dave Walter, Vice President of Human Resources (Incept)

JB, thank you for facilitating our planning session. The session was very successful as it forced our executive team to take a step back and develop a 30,000 road map for our future. We have been very successful in our planning in the past, but it was what we now know is really business planning, not strategic planning.

We came to the session expecting to leave with a laundry list of tactical items that will guide the firm in the future. We left with a strategic plan that will act as a beacon for our future and a process to enlist our key executives to each take a critical strategy and fill in a granular business plan to present back to the leadership group.

This process not only helped us formulate an overall vision for the future but a process to get our senior level people involved in the development and execution of the business plan in support of our strategy. The small group break outs and the ranking of initiatives enabled our team to prioritize so that our strategy is both effective and realistic.

We look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.
~ John Wepler, President (Marsh, Berry & Co., Inc.)

JB facilitated our strategic planning session and his approach resulted in our firm being able to come up with major strategic initiatives from which to build. Being consultants ourselves makes the planning process much more difficult.

Having a third-party facilitator provided a new dimension we have not had before.

I am very glad we decided to have JB facilitate.

Thanks JB!
~ Val DeMell, Executive Vice President - M&A Advisory (Marsh, Berry & Co., Inc.)

JB Bryant has fundamentally transformed the way we do business. Before Mr. Bryant began advising our small web development firm, Web Pyro was unfocused and was struggling to find direction. Mr. Bryant provided us with a framework and understanding of where we fit into the big picture. Both partners of Web Pyro have gained a greater sense of confidence in their planning ability and have been able to attract larger and more profitable projects. Praise from our clients has increased and the vast majority of our new clients are now referral based.

  JB has helped Web Pyro become more focused and to learn to leverage our strengths in the IT industry. The clarity in assessment and planning that is the product of JB's services has already put us at an advantage against our competition and attracted the interest of new customers. Strategic Alignment Group is truly a unique asset.

  A specific result of Mr. Bryant's advising was that we were able to spin off a portion of our business and form LLC. This business focuses on managing the peer review process of academic journals. Since Mr. Bryant's advising, ManuscriptTracker has been able to develop a new version of our software, attract new clients, and raise additional capital. ManuscriptTracker has been able to leverage its unique benefits and capabilities to identify new markets.

  I strongly recommend JB Bryant. He brings unique and tested experiences to the table and can help any startup be more focused and profitable..
~ Brian Boyer, Managing Partner (Web Pyro LLC)

Trusting an "outsider" to help our firm through our planning process was a very different approach for us. Ahead of time, JB took the time to get to know each of us through an assessment of our leadership skills/potential and with personal contact with each person on the planning team.

With his understanding of organizational management and the individual character qualities we each possessed, he knew when to interject and when to let us "find our way" through the 2-day planning retreat.

Thanks for helping us work through complex issues and focus our energies towards the goals that will create our future!
~ Dan Skowronski, Senior Vice President (Marsh, Berry & Co., Inc.)

JB has genuine passion to see success in others. He has unique capability of understanding foundational corrections required in order to obtain results. He is not a quick fix solution, but wants to guide and assist clients to make culture changes that provides improved processes and results for years to come.
~ David Bartley, Chairman / Owner (Ohio Gratings, Inc.)

I had the pleasure to work with and learn from JB during a recent 2-day intensive Business Planning session.

JB spent a tremendous amount of time and energy learning as much about our team as possible so that he could hone in on where we were coming from and pull out of us where we want to go.

I look forward to working with him again in this facilitator capacity, and I hope that we can also work on a personal coaching level soon, as well.
~ Andy Roberts, Vice President (Marsh, Berry & Co., Inc.)

JB has done a great job in getting us to open our minds and look at the possibilities that we can create for ourselves. JB expects there to be drastic change in your business after you go through the strategic planning process with him. I thought that we were a creative group and was confident that we didn't need help. Also, due to past experiences I wasn't excited about bringing someone in to help us plan strategically. JB has given us the tools to look at the entire process (even things we didn't think were involved the process) and to expand our customer base. JB has taught us valuable skills that we will continue to use to create value for our customers.
~ David Lohnes, Co-founder (ManuscriptTracker)

JB first interviewed and profiled each of our members, then arrived at our strategic planning session to lead a group that was used to facilitating, rather than being facilitated. It was very helpful to walk through the planning process in a methodical way. You forced our team to distill our ideas into specific strategic steps. I am looking forward to seeing our plans come to fruition.
~ Wayne Walkotten, Executive Vice President (Marsh, Berry & Co., Inc.)

JB should be teaching in a university.  He could probably teach on any subject and get his message across.
~ Jim Garrison, Treasurer (Industrial Resources, Inc.)
JB brought a deep knowledge and creative thinking to his work with the EntreprenOrrville Center for Business Innovation. As a result he led us in producing high quality, usable results. I would highly recommend JB for your business needs.
~ Darrin Wasniewski, Executive Director (Main Street Orrville)
I've worked with JB on various occasions on multiple projects. He is a constant professional and a strong leader. JB is always willing to listen to the views of others, and takes that into consideration when developing projects or activities. The information that JB presents has helped me professionally and personally. JB is very knowledgeable of his field and materials. I would highly recommend JB/Strategic Alignment to any and all companies or persons that are interested in becoming more effective and successful.
~ Jason Black, Employment Consultant (Goodwill Industries of Wayne and Holmes Counties)
I usually find little value in this type of development. However, I feel that it was good for us because nothing like this has been attempted by this group. I guess it was tried in the past with a different group, but none of the conclusions were put into practice. I think you had a very challenging group and you kept it on-point. I also feel that there were times when the group got out-of-focus and you seemed to do a real good job of letting it go on just long enough before bringing it back. I think it was very important to allow that deviation. This was the first time that this group...all of the players...were together at one time. Considering that, I believe it was just as important to allow breaks from topic as it was to reel the group back in. You came into a somewhat 'hostile' environment with several very experienced and set-in-their-ways senior management personnel. You handled yourself and the group very well. You were interested and engaged throughout, and although you pointed out that you were not an expert in our industry (and didn't need to be), you tried to learn more than you actually had to. That is very important, and it will come in handy down the road as you exceed our investment.
~ Bill Harvey, CFO (Victory of West Virginia, Inc.)
The [strategic planning] process was most enjoyable, just sitting with the leaders of the company planning the future... the round-table, discussion based process was both challenging and enjoyable. Thank you. My future success will be attributed to you.

As a leader of a “cutting edge” technology company, I was surprised at the benefits of our association with Strategic Alignment Group.  Our company is better aligned to meet the pitfalls of an uncertain future by using the resources of our people instead of purchasing useless software or hardware.

Although we did not invent earth shattering strategy in our sessions, I found the sessions with my peers to be most gratifying.  The path we chose is the path I knew we would like to travel, but now it is written for all to see and review.

I was also pleased with involving the majority of our employees, hearing their views and seeing them interact.

I feel now that the company is following one path to success instead of everyone milling around in different directions.

Thank you JB for your association with my group.

~ Anonymous-By-Request, President (National electrical engineering company)
I hold JB Bryant to my highest recommendation. JB provided me with coaching and expertise in career transitioning and general life coaching. From him I have gained clarity in understanding myself. In addition, he has given me the necessary tools for proper goal planning and achievement with effective results. I recommend JB to you without reservation.
~ April Hanson (Manager-In-Transition)
JB's review of our business procedures and various systems along with his own specific skills and capabilities assisted him in understanding very well the nature of our business and customers. He instituted significant changes and improvements in order to resolve issues satisfactorily for both our internal and external customers. JB was extremely hard working and always quite professional in all dealings with employees and customers. I was very impressed by JB's ability to review and consolidate vast amounts of data while maintaining the necessary close connections with all aspects of our supply chain. Overall, I believe JB to be a very skilled professional as well as very conscientious.
~ Sharon Flint, Marketing Analyst (Trelleborg Wheel Systems Americas)
Companies today are trying to produce more work with the same number of employees. The problem managers face is when a top performer is about to retire and will leave the organization with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. If this sounds like the challenge you are experiencing then JB is the candidate for you. He is has the skills and qualifications to document processes that may be walking out your door.
~ Tammy Anderson, Employment and Retention Specialist (Ohio Gratings, Inc.)
I would definitely recommend JB to others. I think we needed this and it would help others also. He was quite professional, but never lost sight of the human aspect. JB stayed on a subject until we were comfortable to go on to the next subject. Nothing was rushed.
~ Jesse Utt, Plant Foreman (Industrial Resources, Inc.)
JB is detail-oriented. He takes his work seriously and conscientiously accomplishes his tasks. He worked hard to keep lines of communication open, and I appreciate his direct, no-nonsense approach.
~ Doug Casper, IT Manager (Ohio Gratings, Inc.)
JB has had an amazing impact on the business performance and financial growth of our company. He turned things around almost immediately, and as a result we are experiencing record growth. JB is highly respected ... for his willingness to help anyone anytime he can. He has been instrumental in helping institute new company-wide cost saving procedures and new processes. He is very well organized, diligent; detail oriented and possesses the skills to bring concepts into the real world. JB has done an excellent job and I would highly recommend him.
~ Steve McDanield, T&D Manager (Ohio Gratings, Inc.)
JB's level of service is extraordinary. His depth of knowledge is unsurpassed. He has never failed to follow-up if an issue is outstanding and his courteousness and professionalism was always top-notch. I can highly recommend and endorse JB.
~ Bill Mercier, Major Account Manager (Chemical Abstracts Service)
JB has a tremendous amount of knowledge on a variety of both technical and non-technical topics, and that coupled with his customer focus, his firm commitment to top-notch service, and his excellent communication skills provides the basis of a truly outstanding performer. I've often turned to JB for his ability to think 'out of the box' and come up with creative solutions to issues and problems. JB could adapt easily to just about any environment in which he was put and immediately contribute in a very positive way. Highly recommended.
~ Joe Uffner, CS Manager (Chemical Abstracts Service)
Mr. Bryant was very keen on not only trying to understand the processes in which our company meets the expectations of our customers, but also how individuals within our company relate to each other as well as the customer. All these things were done in an effort to provide maximum productivity for our business, exceptional customer service for our customers, and a great work environment for our employees.
~ Dominic Bourgeois, Distribution Center Manager (Trelleborg Wheel Systems Americas)

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