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Sales Force Development

Don't Sell Yourself Short

Nearly every organization's success relies on the effectiveness of their sales force. But success in sales isn't as simple as it used to be.

You've probably had your fill of Sales Training Programs. Everyone comes back motivated enough, but after a week or two things are right back to where they were before. Sales training programs usually combine some good techniques and ideas with exciting motivational speeches. The problem is not in the training, it's in the individuals. They were taught -- they weren't developed.The techniques were new, but the people remained the same.

Strategic Alignment Group's Sales Development Process changes your sales people; it doesn't just educate them. It truly is second-to-none. Yes, we do impart time-proven, effective sales techniques. But like all of our development processes, we go far beyond that. We help salespeople internalize their knowledge of:

  1. The Buying Process
  2. The Selling Process
  3. The Product
  4. What Motivates Buyers
  5. The Competition

The trick is that we develop not just knowledge and skills, but attitudes and habits. Your sales people will come away better, not just smarter.

Your Return On Investment will be a powerful sales force with individuals who meet or exceed their sales goals.

Our process develops people involved in any type of sales. It focuses on the following development areas:

  • Success in Sales
  • The Importance of Balance
  • The Buying/Selling Process
  • Building Attitudes for Positive Results
  • The Role of Goals
  • Prospecting
  • Developing Referral Sources
  • Getting Appointments
  • Gaining Favorable Attention
  • Discovering Wants and Needs
  • Communication Skills
  • Handling Stalls and Objections
  • Getting Commitment & Follow-Up
  • Managing Your Time
  • Continuing Your Personal and Professional Growth

You really can't afford to not invest in the people who generate your organization's revenue.

To learn more, call Strategic Alignment Group at 330.465.0927 or email us here.