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Time Management And Strategies

Time ÷ Achievement = Productivity

Time Management books and programs have achieved fad status. They contain great tips and insights into structuring your schedule effectively and finding inner motivation. The problem is, they generally tell you what you already know. Who doesn't realize that they should complete urgent, important, critical tasks every day? Who doesn't know that planning your day is better than letting other people plan your day for you?

We all know these things, but few of us do them. Why is that? And what does it really take to break the cycle and be more productive?

What must change is not time or schedules but the way we think about time itself -- professionally and personally.

Strategic Alignment Group's Time Strategies development process will develop in you or your employees the attitudes and habits that support increased productivity. Those who apply this development process will begin treating the time they have each day as an investment in activities to achieve personal and organizational goals. They will overcome procrastination, learn to handle distraction effectively, and live by priorities.

Critical issues covered in this development process include:

  • Organization
  • The Importance of Meaning
  • Goal Setting
  • Investing Time
  • Reacting vs. Acting
  • Stress Management
  • Procrastination
  • Planning and Priorities
  • Attitude Development
  • Learning To Say No

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