Strategic Alignment Group LLC  
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Our Vision and Guiding Values

Our vision reflects we exist and why we do what we do:

Strategic Alignment Group exists to develop economically strong communities by developing effective for-profit, non-profit, and small governmental organizations.

We help individuals and organizations function according to their greatest abilities in order to achieve that vision.

Our values define every activity and how we perform it:

  1. We operate with unwavering commitment to biblical principles, ethics, and stewardship
  2. We only work with clients whose leaders are as committed to their success as we are
  3. We only recommend services if they are in of our clients' best interest, never for our own benefit
  4. Our service value will always exceed our client's investment
  5. Our clients will know us as well as we know them
  6. We demonstrate transparency, honesty, and passionate professionalism in everything

To learn more, call Strategic Alignment Group at 330.465.0927 or email us here.