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Youth Leadership Development Testimonials

Who can describe the high impact of Rising Stars, our Youth Leadership Development process, better than the youth, parents, and educators who have experienced its benefits?

As you read their comments below, be prepared to be WOWed. These comments are from real people in many different environments who encountered the process from all different starting points.

I am writing to express my sincere thank you for introducing me to America's Rising Stars curriculum. As the Student Coordinator for the Twenty-First Century Scholars program, I have found this program to be something essential as they develop and grow into decision making adults. My experience with this program for my personal development and from what I've witnessed in real life with students has been an invaluable experience. I believe in the success of America's Rising Stars and the impact it has on peoples' lives, and throughout my profession I will continue to be an advocate for the program and utilize the concepts in future activities.
~Jennifer Joseph, Student Coordinator (Twenty-First Century Scholars)
The Rising Stars program has prepared me with life skills as I get ready to go on to college and become an adult. I have learned how to overcome obstacles that the world will throw at me. Furthermore Rising Stars has shown me how to be happy and balanced with the life I want to live.
~Zach T., Age 18 (Chagrin Falls High School)

I did not want to be there... my Mom signed me up...Yuck! But this summer leadership academy was not what I expected it to be... The sessions were actually fun, creative, and challenging.

I can't believe how much I learned about myself... I really liked the Personal Action Plan and ways to achieve goals that I could set for myself so that I could be successful in high school. I have learned how to manage my time better, encourage others, and to be a more positive person.
~Charlene G, 9th Grade (Lady of Grace Summer Leadership Academy)

We were obligated to choose a goal, set a plan for meeting that goal, say what obstacles we'd face meeting that goal and how we would overcome them, and tell what incentives would help us meet the goal.
~Michael G., 7th grader, (St. Stephen Catholic School)

It was so amazing to see the skills these kids were acquiring. I didn't do this kind of goal planning until I was out in the business world.
~Karin G., Michael's Mother

I wanted to attend this leadership academy because I thought that the skills I would learn would help me get through middle school and my life successfully. I was not disappointed! I learned patience, open-mindedness and thinking outside of the box. I’m developing listening skills and trying not to get so distracted by looking at people while they are talking and paying attention to what they are saying. I am learning to use my time wisely. I am a winner! Setting and achieving goals was a challenge. But I wanted to earn $80.00 by Friday and I set up a goals planning sheet to help me achieve this. I did yard work, cleaned the house and took care of the dog to earn this money. I am proud of what I accomplished.
~Vinny I., 6th grader, (Lady of Grace Summer Leadership Academy)

The Rising Stars Program helped me to redefine the perception I held of my potential for being a leader and for being successful. It helped me grow tremendously as a person. Not only did I get to know myself, both my strengths and weaknesses, but I learned how to take my dreams and turn them into attainable goals.

Before I started the program, I thought I was doing alright. I had accomplished many things in my life, but I never realized the power of setting goals and constantly evaluating yourself and the journey you take through life. Simple awareness of the positive and negative patterns in my life has helped me to change things about myself that I have always wanted to change, but was never successful. I think everyone should learn these ideas and exercises to constantly keep you on track to being a happy, well-rounded, and successful person. I have grown as a person more than I ever thought I could. I know who I am and what I want. I have learned to be decisive and assertive in a positive way. People have noticed the change in me and great things have happened. The organization and breakdown of the chapters help you take your dreams and turn them into small, attainable goals. Huge dreams can be realized by breaking them down into small, tangible daily goals. In conclusion, I cannot imagine going back to my old self and the lack of awareness I held before I went through the Rising Stars program. It is a lifelong program, and I continue today to use the simple and easy tools and exercises to help me create a balanced, happy, and successful life I call my own.
~ Kathryn E., 10th grade (Private session)

I have learned a lot about planning for the future. One thing in particular is how to make goals effective and helpful. I also learned about managing my time and most importantly how to be a great Leader. Everything I have learned in the past 9 weeks has greater prepared me for my future in whatever area I go into. Everyone should try to have the Rising Stars experience.
~Alec N., Age 18 (Chagrin Falls High School)

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