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Executive Leadership Development

Our Executive Leadership Development Process begins with the foundational belief that effective leaders successfully establish vision and align the resources entrusted to them toward achieving that vision.

We begin with a battery of assessments that help determine how an executive can most effectively lead according to his or her natural talents and value system. We then develop the executive's core abilities through one-on-one coaching relationships (or group facilitation when requested).

Executives apply new skills and habits directly to their jobs while they work with us, and they are held accountable for progress. This assures sustainable, positive change.

After our initial coaching (typically 12 one-hour meetings), we continue with accountability coaching at intervals of 1, 2, 6, 10, and 16 months with goals and accountabilities between meetings - instilling leadership and goal achievement as a permanent and sustainable part of the executive's life.

Each developmental process is both highly customized and highly structured. Following is a typical developmental path:

The Executive Challenge
Defining leadership; Core Values as the foundation of successful leadership; Balancing individual and collective needs; Defining your own core values

Transforming The Organization
The necessity and nature of vision; Communicating vision; Change; Resistance to change; Leading through change; Aligning the organization to value(s)

Goal Planning And Achievement Systems
Creating balance; Principles of successful planning; Planning different types of goals (Short, Long, Tangible, Intangible)

Turning Goals Into Sustained Success
Effective planning; Overcoming obstacles; Self-motivation and courage; Strategies for positive growth

A Framework for Understanding/Engaging In Leadership
Understanding human potential; Understanding your potential; Understanding your style

Formal Leadership
The leader as visionary; The leader as coach; The leader as mentor; The leader as director; Understanding both authority and power

Collaborating For Results
The benefits of collaboration; Sharing of common goals; Rules for effective collaboration; Obstacles to successful collaboration

Building Teams
Why are teams important? When are teams appropriate? Team leadership; Developing trust; Creating winning teams; Team competency essentials; Supporting successful team

Understanding What Motivates People
Understanding human needs; Incentive; Fear; Physiological; Safety; Belonging; Esteem; How to motivate your own people

Understanding Behavior
Behavior and conditioning; Early conditioning; Attitudes; Thought habits; Influences; Learning from mistakes

Developing Peak Performers
Forming new habits; Developing new attitudes; Building success mindedness; Leading people to high performance

Leadership And Communication
Relationship between planning and communication; Developing trust; Connecting; Empathy; Active listening; Successful feedback; Barriers to feedback; Non-verbal communication

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